Friday, July 20, 2012

How to make a PayPal account?

Once you register on Clixsense and start earning, the time will come when you'll  have to receive some money of course:) In this case, you will need a PayPal or Payza account (formerly Alertpay).
There are also some other options for receiving payments but i think PayPal is the best option because it is the most common system of paying and receiving money and it has lowest transaction fees. You can also pay with PayPal on other sites like E-Bay, Amazon etc. PayPal serves to protect your credit card information and your account, and ensures that you can perform transactions quickly and securely.

Well then, how to create a PayPal account?

First of all, PayPal is a completely free service and you don't need to pay for inclusion. To create an account all you need is an e-mail address and any credit card or debit card that supports internet trading (for example, Visa Electron). The vast majority of banks worldwide now issue such a debit card. Prior to registration, make sure you have at least about 2-3 dollars in that account to be able to verify the account (see later).

Once you have all of the above procedure is as follows:

1st Go to Paypal home page

2nd Click on Sign up to register (located under the log-in)

3rd Enter user information (e-mail, user name, password, etc.)

4th After registering you will receive a confirmation e-mail, verify and log in with your data.

5th Now it is necessary to verify your PayPal account, i.e. link card and PayPal. Click on the Get Verified and enter your card number. Be sure to also enter a three-digit number on the back of the card. If you done this right, PayPal will through a day or two to make a small transaction of $ 1.95 to your PayPal account, which will be then returned to you. This is used to verify your account.

6th If you check your NetBanking transactions over a few days you'll see the code of 4 characters besides Paypal transaction. If you do not by some miracle have NetBanking, then after 3 days you have to go to the bank and ask banker to give you print of all transactions on your FX account. In the description of the transaction where Paypal returns to you your $ 1.95 there should be verification code. You need to have that verification code to when you login next time to Paypal website to verify the account.

7th Log on to Paypal and enter the code (4 characters) that comes in the description of the transaction. You must enter the code on the Get Verified link that you'll see when you log into Paypal..

8th That's it! If you follow all the steps your Paypal account has been created and approved, and now you can safely shop online and receive payment from Clixsense to your account.

We hope everything is well explained but if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below. Good luck surfing, earning money and buying stuff online :)


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